Update Wiped Server

So, bare with me here. New to using GSP’s as i normally use my own server rig to host various games. However as i’m trying to support the cause and let rust develop on its own into a great game that i know it will, i got a few questions.

A. I just updated via my GSP to the new Rust Update, server is wiped. Is this a constant thing? looks like ill be having to explain this one to my players.
B. Mods, is it just me, or are GSP’s really limiting the availability to use newer (still in development) mods? Seen a few ide love to use but they wont go on my directory and ive seen other players comment about it too.

Not too hard of questions, as for the server wipe im sure i might of made a mistake somewhere, although i’m not sure how, but that’s why i’m here asking.
I know there is a Server sub thread but with everyone’s ads in there its hard to get an actual answer about things that matter. \

Owner: Frog

You probably should’ve left your server info out if you don’t want this to be considered a server ad.

I don’t know that this update specifically forced a wipe (I’m not a dev), but, well, wipes are a fact of life in alpha.

GSPs and modding are in a semi-lockdown state due to the fragile state of the entire environment. There was also a recent security flaw with some GSPs running mods that allowed the server owner to rip a complete copy of the server AND the mod files, something that’s really not wanted right now.

ALSO, after updating via my Game CP on HFB, the page will not reload giving me little to absolutely no access to my online CP. Seems as well that HFB has removed the Oxide mods ive been using on my server for a few days now and i have no way to go and check as the CP is down. I am on the server in game tho and it is running smooth as day. Really starting to get let down, wondering if its HFB’s fault or something to do with the update.