So looking at trello, i am assuming there is supposed to be an update very soon. Is there any ETA for it?

Was hoping it would be Friday to keep with the ‘weekly’ trend they wanted to do, but no luck. My best guess is Monday.

cant wait to see what they have changed zombies with

Also been checking regularly to see when I should hop on and see what they did.

hopefully early morning monday, or else my players are gonna b stuck y0

I don’t know where you guys are getting that information lol. The “due dates” on trello are just for the dev team to get stuff done and finish for an update like a guide line. Not to push out an update lol…

On the playrust site they mentioned trying to push updates weekly, so we were assuming since they’ve added ‘next version’ by the end of the week it would be soon.

Yeah my server is currently down and waiting for this patch right now after seeing the Trello was surprised to see how far behind it ended up being :frowning: sad times…

re-textured animals from the pictures im seeing on trello

inb4 they’ve added bed sheets and another song to play in the background - WIPE YOUR SERVERS!

The update will come out on the dev servers for testing for a day or too before it is released. So its jot gonna be anytime soon

I think the weekly update this week was the blog on the site, I don’t expect the next update until friday

i have been reading the trello info for a week now. my best guess is it will be done when its done