Is there gonna be a update on Rust tomorow?

Crap thread. Look it up. Also this thread will most likely be locked due to the title.

Are the servers going to be wiped after the update? Just want to know if its worth playing right now

Update will be adding new durability for all weapons and tools, a repair station for repairing tools and weapons, a new skybox and lighting with clouds, and new water textures and movement. This should drop sometime this week.

Durability is a little off. I harvested 5 nodes and my Stone axe went to 66% from 100% and when I repaired it, I had only 95% max durability left. So eventually the repaired items will break completely and not be repairable.

The new sky and lighting are off the hook. Night is not as dark as it was, and the moon actually seems to cast a natural light. Also, the clouds and sky look so much more natural, and make the sunrises and sunsets are even more spectacular.