Updated 5/20|AirDrops|No Dura|.5 Craft|Fair Admins|Essentials

Craft Time=Half Craft
Door Sharing=On
Airdrops=At 20+ Players

Email the server owner here with any questions/concerns: uscentralserver@gmail.com

Available player commands
/kit starter (1 Stone Hatchet, 2 Cooked Chicken Breast, 30 Cloth, 75 Wood, 10 Stones)
/kits (Lists the kits available to you)
/help (Returns available commands)
/pm <player name> message (Sends a private message to that player)
/r (Replies to the last sent or received PM)
/online (Returns the amount of players currently connected)
/players Shows current connected players
/history {1-50} (Returns the the last # lines of chat history)
/share player name (Shares ownership of your doors with the designated user)
/unshare player name(Revokes ownership of your doors from the designated user)
/rules (Lists the server admins, and rules)
/ping (Displays your current ping to the server)
/info (Displays the server’s name and ip)
/whois playername (Displays the stats of a player including: kills, deaths, kdr, ping, and faction)
/leaderboard Displays leaderboard for Deaths/Kills
/remover {on} (Gives users the ability to damage and eventually destroy their own indestructible structures like foundations, ceilings, and pillars)
/remover {off} (Revokes the ability to damage and destroy structures)

Server Rules
No hacking.
No griefing.
No groups larger than 6.
No abusing the remover tool (Floating House for example)

To join just press F1 and type: net.connect

Good Luck!