Updated Control Point Example

I was searching about how to make a conquest gamemode and found this thread with an example. 2 problems:

  1. It’s from 2009
  2. The code is confusing

Is there an updated example anywhere (or can someone make one) AND the main question, can’t I just do like ents.FindInSphere or something, why is that example so complicated?

Because that’s needlessly more expensive than using a trigger-like entity.

One thing that’s now available that wasn’t in that thread is the navmesh. L4D uses the navmesh to detect when players are in the safezone and all that. I’ve acutally got a module that adds two hooks “PlayerEnteredNavArea” and “PlayerExitedNavArea” which are called when a player enters or exits a navarea. You could easily just keep track of the navareas around a capture point and if a player enters that area then start adding points or whatever.

Main reason I want to bring this up though is to draw attention to the next version thread where people need to start asking for navmesh bindings. This module shouldn’t exist, the current bindings for the navmesh should be more complete but apparently RBB/_Kilburn don’t feel like enough people need the bindings. Soooo you should make a nagging post in the next version thread asking for more complete navmesh bindings, not enough people are making a fuss about it to be noticed. Also feel free to pm me with any questions if you want to try using the module.