Updated pimpmyride?

Hello, I’m currently looking for an updated pimpmyride module for linux. There’s only an updated module for windows and I’m curious if anyone knows where I can get a linux version or If somebody can port the updated windows version to linux I’d be willing to pay, thanks for your time.

Can you give me the link to the windows version and the source code please?

Pimpmyride can be found here by checking that link out by SVN or downloading them all manually (I prefer the SVN but your choice.)

There is no linux compile of pimpmyride for GMod 13.

Unless you want to throw 60$ at AzuiSleets face to update it

Well I just gave the guy what he asked for.

Although I appreciate you trying to help me, that is an outdated version of pimpmyride. I messaged AzuiSleet regarding an updated version of this module.

Works fine for me. I just tried it. Are you sure you’re requiring it properly?

Calls are done: VEHICLE:GetVehicleParams( ) and VEHICLE:SetVehicleParams( )

Edit: Whoops, just saw you posted for linux. I don’t think there is an updated build for linux.

I’m almost positive I’m requiring it correctly, I’ll double check, you’re testing that on linux correct?