Updated Request for Porting List

It has come to my attention that there are some problems with my earlier lists for model-porting requests. Firstly, I kept asking for ports from games that were several years old…and second, some of the things I asked for already had material out and so no one gave it any further thought. I obviously wasn’t clear enough. I’d like MORE from these games that already have stuff out. That’s why I’m asking. If they had ported what I wanted, I wouldn’t be asking…

So I’ll keep the list short and specific.

Section 8 Prejudice: I know there’s some stuff for S8 out there. I’m not asking for that. I’m asking for material from the sequel, S8:Prejudice. It has things that the first game doesn’t and therefore I want, like the Jetbikes and new and improved shotguns as well as various environmental objects like the bio-labs from one of the maps and the stuff inside it and the big spaceships in the background of the snow-base levels.

Tribes Ascend: I’ve been told that while models CAN be ported from this, textures cannot. Therefore, when someone figures out a way to do this, please try and get as much as you can. I especially want the blood Eagle ragdolls.

EVE Online: I know there’s some huge ridiculous controversy over the porting of EVE Online material, but the fact of the matter is, there is no controversy. I’ve investigated the suing of the server that ran the stuff and it seems more likely that it was HACKED, not taken over, given the evidence I found…and there’s still EVE Online stuff on Gmod.com, so quite whining. I want enormous ships dammit.


Warpath (a small cheap game that uses the old UT2k4 engine, Probably unlikely as hell, but someone did Pariah models and the game is by the same company who did Pariah)
Doom 3
Doom 3:Ressurection of Evil
Quake 4
Darksiders (Someone made a Chaoseater sword for gmod and that was it. Darksiders is one of the coolest games out there…COME ON PEOPLE!!!)
Unreal 2:The Awakening
Red Faction:Armageddon

And that’s all I can think of…for now…

It would really help porters out if you provided the source materials up front (models, textures, preferably an already rigged model with a skeleton if it’s a ragdoll.)

Porters will be more inclined to port them since the materials they need are already there for them, not forcing them to find the game, possibly install it, get the right tools to extract from the archives, etc.

For example, I’m interested in some Darksiders beasties as well as aliens from Red Faction Armageddon. Except I do not have the game anymore nor do I even know if model tools exist for said games. I know it’s easier to tell porters to go find the model tools and extract the models themselves, since they are experienced and all that, but I find that I tend to lose interest in the whole porting project if I have to do that. I also am much more inclined to port a model if everything is right in front of me. (And in a format which I can just pop and import into my 3d modeling program.)

This is just me though.

Thank you for the advice. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to do that. If you could provide detailed directions for how to do things like this it would make it a lot easier.