Updated Rust, and got a Virus Alert. Should I be worried?

I wouldn’t worry.

It’s not a virus - it’s EasyAntiCheat (EAC). It’s a new Anti-Cheat Facepunch is implementing into the experimental version and many virus scanners give it a false positive because of the way it detects hacks; it monitors your processes and as such sends a red flag to some virus software.

EDIT: I was looking at last file found, didn’t notice the Crypt thing. No idea what that is.

Are you using Avira by any chance?

Avira has been detecting EAC as a false-positive for a while now.
Just add the .dll to your exceptions list and you should be able to run the game.

Thats the avira UI.

The same thing happened to me just now. Good thing there’s nothing to worry

The DLL is encrypted/packed so it’s giving out a warning.
Don’t know with what exactly, don’t care either :3

avast does the same on mine. just make an exception and it should be fine, EAC is (as above) just detected because of how it works as an anti-hack app:)