Updated Rust Map?

Has anyone seen an updated Rust Map with geography past North Mountain?

I’d like to explore out north but am afraid there is nothing out there.
No rust map ive seen show anything past North Mountain even though there are certainly tons of woods and the like.

It is barren. No resources nor animals. I managed to stumble into the no man’s land by accident. I sprinted for a full hour and only saw one side of the island with no end in sight. I have a few screenshots because it was awesome. That map can easily fit 2000 people without being cramped. It’s insane. After that hour I started to starve and picked a nice high hill for my final resting place at sunset.

EDIT: My last moment in the twilight zone: http://puu.sh/4XcSJ.jpg

They should expand the MAP alot…

if they can’t implement mechanichs to protect our house, atleast we should be able to HIDE it very very far away.

As soon as possible.

Yeah and to walk 2 hours for make a raid? i don’t think so.

then your missing the whole point of the game…

Ok, don’t think so in a survival game …

If the map were fully loaded you could hide somewhere and still be raideable … the thing now is that is really easy to be found as the resourceful map is very small … just put more animals, minerals and wood all over the map which could be very easy … we don’t need to have zombies or radiation zones with loot all over the map, but at least resources to make that part of the map habitable because now is totally useless.


New map is on its way,
Helk talked about it like a week ago,
Max showed some teaser footage in his stream, looks promising.

Is there any video about it ?

unfortunately he does not save past recordings,
you can ask him when he streams again. http://www.twitch.tv/mlebled

Hope they implement it asap.

thx RogueNerdy ofr the info!

yw have a nice one rust’ng

Did the same once too… would be awesome to see the whole map populated!

we have a completely new map being worked on right now, it is 8 by 8 kilometers, instead of having a 16x16 of which only 2x2 is used

bummer, was looking forward to seeing this entire map populated with some high capacity servers. seems like a waste.


Holy shit… We will have cliffs… :open_mouth:
This is awesome.
I hope there will be more awesome things like valleys, caves ( Not ones that go 5km below surface. Just like a huge 10 m deep ones ) rivers and that kind of stuff :slight_smile:

I wish they’d put this kinda info on this site somewhere so we might get some kinda idea whats in the pipe…

Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice… great news. Thanks.

Max, thanks for sharing! Great info.