Updated server keeps telling me the server needs an update

So I run a modded server. Not posting any details of the server without permission, This is what keeps happening.

I go in I update rust.
Refresh server control panel on Gameservers.
Install Oxide
Wait… Refresh
Install Rust.IO for Livemaps.
Wait… Refresh.

Try to log in
Wrong connection protocol: Server update required.

Repeated left out the last steps as Rust.IO has been known to delay it’s update and can cause this error.

Same error.

Any ideas Hivemind?

Same here, too.

error for me seems to have been fixed

What have u done?

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Ok, after a new update with oxide now it works

Obviously, the server owner has not updated the server and needs to lol.

Seems like you didnt read the thread, since its server owners that has trouble.

Do you have the updated Oxide files? The Oxide site is down for me.