Updated server temporary join for some random killing fun

Join it
Will be up in about 5-10 minutes

Yay, a possibly good server to visit.

What map?


I think this one is updated too:

Wrong section.

Starting server now

Sweet. :f5:, only with the “Find Servers” button.

Had 32 people on last run goin for a little less


AW we crashed
Starting again in 3 minutes

theres to many people currently but seems like a basic fun server

gm_construct would be more fun, more places to hide.

This is funny lol



It is broken now because it says 254/255 and it thinks the slot is reserved…

41 out of 64


BTW whiners will be banned


#1 server in gmod

Avaster Came along end of story

Is it still up? I really want to join. If so, how many people are there?

Nah it died yesterday I might bring it back later probably will. This time a little bit safer I hope.

Yes! Its been so long since I’ve been in a build/kill server, kinda reminds me of Gmod 9 days…

We are UP ATM No buildign though just killing

i need help, i need a couple of ragdolls made from art work done by my sister. i’ll make sure that the art work will be as clear as posible. if any one is intrested please e-mail at tripprules@yahoo.com.