Updated SetNWInt problem

Hello there, after new update SetNWInt stopped reading not round numbers.

Before update i used this:
v:SetNWInt( “Stamina”, math.Clamp(stamina + 0.5, 0, 100))
v:SetNWInt( “Stamina”, math.Clamp(stamina + 1, 0, 100))

So as i understand now i can’t use 0.5 right? math.Round doesn’t fix this problem, anybody test this?

v:SetNWFloat( “Stamina”, math.Clamp(stamina + 0.1, 0, 100))

Hmm…seems doesn’t work too…

Weird, Phoenix says something is wrong with net messages aswell since the update.

Make sure you are reading the value as Float too.

] lua_run Entity(1):SetNWFloat("Staminalol", .123)
> Entity(1):SetNWFloat("Staminalol", .123)...
] lua_run_cl print(Entity(1):GetNWFloat("Staminalol", -1))

You shouldn’t need to network stamina as it changes…



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