Updated Star Trek Ship Models

Updated collection of Star Trek ships ported from Starfleet Command 3 to Garry’s Mod player models. Usage recommended with SB Spy’s “fists” swep to hide weapon view-model.

I can’t tell if it’s any better than any of your previous models.

Still haven’t fixed the textures on top of the Sovereign saucer.


Seriously, why hasn’t someone ported the ships from bridge commander?
bridgecommander.filefront.com Go look and tell me that those models are NEEDED in Gmod.

^ This. Much better quality and… well, just better.

MUCH better:



That damn thing has like 50 textures ><

Plus almost every texture has a separate spec map texture, so in reality there are like over 100 textures…XO

So, just reapply the textures into two big ones?

It has 41 textures including the spec maps and stuff.

The Source (or at least compiler maximum) is 32 textures, though presumably you could re-UV them to put some textures into one?

It wouldn’t be hard, all you’d need to do is combine them into one texture, then reposition the UV maps and voila!

Spy’s sappin mah heavy! (Nice avatar.)

And gee, thanks for raining on my tirade! XD

Now someone only needs to… make it so.

Bad pun, I know.

What format are the Bridge Commander models?

.nif, NetImmerse. niftools for 3Ds Max works great.

I’m a member of the BC community. Do be sure to get in contact with the authors of the models you wish to use. It’s not hard, most of them are on Bridge Commander Central and most include contact details in their readmes. I’d be glad to see some our ships and bridges ported over to Garry’s Mod, and vice versa. BC-Files is a good resource for the models.

Getting permissions and stuff should go without saying, but thanks for pointing it out.