Updated View Page

I did some updates to the viewpage. You can now see who is downloading stuff.


This update isn’t done yet, that’s why the details page is empty… any suggestions?

Why do you only put one avatar per row?

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It looks ugly

Add some more informations in the Details area.

Diglett dig, Diglett dig, TRIO TRIO TRIO

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Report this toybox script.


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I don’t know,you are the boss.

Usernames should start unicoding right soon too…

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Might make a script to remove all the ^1 ^2 ^3 crap, I assume is from COD?

Make it accessible from here: http://toybox.garrysmod.com/ingame/

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Yes, that shit is annoying.

^2[T64D] ^8HeadHunter ^2[T64D]

48 hours from CoD, yeah I assume it is.

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And make it live

Make what accessible? It is, you click on the name?

Oh. I didn’t know.

You can either remove it, or let it show the colours.

Scratch that, bad idea. People would just now add it just to show up in toybox.

Okay great, now make us able to go to the author’s Steam page. It just goes to #todo. To do? Do it now. It’s fairly irritating since the authors are usually the people I would want to contact.

In stead of it saying who is downloading what, have it say who is streaming what. unless there’s going to be a real download option.

(After all, this isn’t netflicks)

For the details page, could we put an extended description?

EDIT: Because the small description area doesn’t fit much, and also doesn’t allow line breaks, which makes it hard to read.

I don’t like it.

Edit: Looks a bit bland. Oh, and

Could you add some borders to the the content table?

Fixed content images not loading
Details page now has content, description can use bbcode.