Updateing Garry's Mod

so how do i find out what version of Gmod im running, and how do i update it to Gmod 10?

also im having problems installing addons… specifically 110 tools pack.


put the file in my addons folder… dosent work… really confused… halp mah plox kthx.

Did you purchase gmod? If you did, then you have Gmod 10. Do you run steam online? Then you probably have the most recent version of gmod.

What do you put in your addons folder? When you download 110 tools pack, you need to place the folder containing other folders such as materials, models, lua, etc and a file called ‘info.txt’ into your garrysmod/garrysmod/addons folder.

The download link you gave us is for a blank file. You should go to garrysmod.org, then download the pack. You need a .zip opener such as winrar, winzip, or if you have windows vista or beyond, I believe that it will open the file for you. Then copy the folder(as I said above) that contains other folders and a info.txt to your addons folder.

Oh, and for now you can just rename the file “110 tools pack v10” to “110 tools pack v10.zip” and it should work.

yeah i bought it and use steam so i guess i have the latest version…

If you bought it, it’s Gmod 10.

Ok, very good then.

About half the addons in there are out of date, or broken.

It has the Portal Gun (which spams errors and has has invisible portals), the Ring Teleporters and Wraith Harvester (both of which are now in the Stargate Pack, and with improved coding), and the GCombat is a few versions off.

Try looking around the 110 pack, finding things in that you like in it and look up it’s latest versions or svn’s. then delete the pack, obviously.
For the svns, go here: http://wiki.garrysmod.com/?title=SVN_Links


Isn’t there a FP thread for that listing them all?

Don’t get 110 tools pack. It’s broken. Half the addons in it don’t work, which means your GMod loads broken addons… so basically, it adds a few seconds load time for each tool when you can’t even use them.

For an SVN Tutorial, go here: http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=688324

OMG! everyone install wrong my pack! you have to choose the tool you want, open the folder (zipped) and extract it into garrysmod/garrysmod folder, not into addons folder! if u do that all the tools must work. I use this pack. =/

No you idiot, WHY THE FUCK, does Garry include the folder and .cfg, ADDONS, BECAUSE ITS SUPPOSED TO GO THERE YOU IDIOT, (Sozzles for caps again)
It’s your shit that’s broken

you are stressed… XD
I tested the tools into garrysmod folder and addons folder. half works in one and the other in the other. Yes, I’m a noob who made a pack and held him in a way that the tools work. Fuck you if you don’t like =p
extract the tools fallowing what i sad and it will work.