Is there somewhere that says when updates are coming out(specifically ones that require wipes) Rustupdates just had minor updates that happen daily, I want to know actual patches.

look out for merges.

Rustafied.com does have detailed info about updates on the dev branch and will make their way to the main branch.

Also you can check the devblog each week. Now there is not much information on the latest devblog 53 from last week other then terrain update that require a wipe this week. Check out: http://playrust.com/devblog-53/

Both these channels might help for future updates coming for Rust.

Updates are every Thursday (usually). They roughly coincide with garry publishing his weekly devblog on playrust.com, although sometimes garry will hold back on updating in a particular week because the build’s not ready for everyone, and the devblog will say that.

As for if wipes are necessary, look for protocol++ in the @Rustupdates feed, that’s a dead giveaway. There are other reasons, of course; you should expect wipes potentially every week.