Updating Add-Ons

I’m kind of new at this; but it seems that when updating an add-on that’s already been published, all the files need to be re-uploaded and the users need to re-download the entire add-on. I figured the process would work along the lines of the creator uploading only the new and/or modified files and the user only having to download what is needed to amend the already installed add-on. I don’t know if this is because the publisher is still in its early stages, or if I’m missing a vital feature of the workshopper tool. I have a map published and I don’t want to put people through a 50mb download every time I want to make a modification. Any feed-back, confirming or enlightening, would be much appreciated. Thanks!

You’re not missing anything - that is how the workshop works. Which is bad for bigger addons, and is why SVN addons will remain in-use.

It would be good if Garry could convince Valve to add support for only needing to upload/download the updated files.

I see. Thanks for the reply, I’ll just update sparingly in the meantime.