Updating an old spawnmenu

Hello. I’m attempting to update GoFish from GMOD 12 and I don’t know how to update this spawnmenu to the latest. I’m thinking to accomplish this, I may have to rewrite the entire code. I’m hoping this isn’t the case and that someone here could possibly help.

It’s on GitHub:
Here: https://github.com/Reassembled-Gaming/GoFish13/tree/master/gamemode/spawnmenu
And here: https://github.com/Reassembled-Gaming/GoFish13/blob/master/gamemode/cl_panels.lua
(There might be some things here too: https://github.com/Reassembled-Gaming/GoFish13/blob/master/gamemode/shared.lua )

Try this, I dont know if it works:


I might be using it wrong, but that’s just a .gm/.gma extractor. I’m not sure what you want me to do with that.


Take what’s giving you errors and check the corresponding wiki page, you’ll get a general idea of why it’s broken.

Unfortunately, I’m not getting any errors. That’s why I’m not having any problems. :confused: