So can someone tell me whats this for and when it’ll be back up? Is it a transition to steam? OR a server wipe and if neither tell me and if it is a server wipe which server? ;D also full wipe house wipe or player wipe? 0.o

Read the damn forum dude.

We don’t know exactly for sure yet so you’ll just have to wait like the rest of us, atm we only know that they are implementing some new items.

Not sure if anyone knows 100% tbh, apparently a few servers weren’t being wiped, however they have new updates so all will probably be wiped.

Not sure on the eta tho QQ

I’ll be a sad bambi if it’s a wipe (on all servers, according to the post by playRust, US servers shouldn’t be getting wiped). I was finally able to build a pretty sick base solo and was about to finish it off with a bitchin’ watch tower :frowning:

All the servers were wiped. They are adding new cliff models, fixing zombies noclipping through stuff, added two new shotguns, made weapons harder to craft, etc.

Tough luck. It’s Alpha . Will be wiped over and over again. Sorry mate

I know, I was expecting wipes, but from what I’ve heard they were at least a few weeks apart, not 5 days :confused: Oh well, hopefully the update brings things worth wiping for.

Where and how do you know this is happening. The new cliff stuff was said not to be for a new map… I don’t think that is what this is for.

Could someone link the post that gave details of this update? (if it existed)

To my understanding, most of the wipes were save corruptions, and they only caused a map wipe (inventory and learnt blueprints were safe)

Just keep waiting -finding emo

its ont the rust home page but since the website is down you will have to wit for it to be updated


thats not for the update info dude

You are right but for now that’s all I could give him on whats happening with the servers during the update.

It was posted under the News before the playrust.com site went down.


Each time the map has been wiped but not your inventory or blueprints, was a save corruption of the map file. Today is going to be a real wipe.

Its back up