Updating cool but.. how bout a

Excited to see any new changes being made but Would be nice to maybe get a 5 min or so warning being being booted so we can maybe get safely back to our base so we’r not sleeping out in the world as to get raped an Looted before logging back on … Rust is the BEST Game EVER !!!

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My bare ass is so vulnerable out there

You wont have a base when the servers come back up.

i’m so glad you finished your title instead of making it stupid

Lets hope it wont actually be server wipes, just a move to the steam platform or somtehing.

Once done, do they make a post of what the update did? :wink:

they told us yesterday it was going to be a wipe

If you have read the news steam is coming in the two next week… And it is a wipe.

The post for the wipe was only for the (by playrust.eu) servers. It didn’t say it was all the servers.

I’d be pretty surprised if there’s actually any updates being deployed now. Facepunch is a UK company and it’s currently 10PM here which would be a strange time to deploy code. Hope I’m proven wrong though!


The homepage actually says “Updating - will be back as soon as possible!”. Interesting!

all of the servers are by playrust.eu EXCEPT the ones that say “hosted by playrust.eu”

There are no other servers. SO unless its a server that says “hosted by playrust.eu” its getting wiped. Which is all but 2 i beleive.

For those wondering, US servers will not be wiped.

thats really not that unusual many game developers work countless hours while developing a game some pull 18 - 20 hour shifts. other alpha games have released updates in the middle of the night. so dont be surprised if there is coding updates.

For thoose people wondering ALL SERVERS WILL BE FULLY WIPED

Hey everyone,

as you guys wanted to be informed (if possible) before we wipe, we’re scheduling a wipe for all ‘by PlayRust.EU’ Servers on Friday 25th. Please note that we might not always be able to inform you about wipes beforehand as we’re currently in alpha and some updates require wipes.

Please note that ‘Hosted by PlayRust.EU’ servers are NOT affected, as those are customer servers.

Thanks for your understanding & enjoy PlayRust!

Wipe will approximately happen at 22:00 (10:00 PM) GMT.


EDIT: That was post by Ideal-Hosting about 2 days ago regarding todays update.

How long do servers normally go down for, for an update?

long enough for a nap

i wouldnt really be worried about a wipe anyway everything that everyone has built is useless anyways due to people clipping through the walls ceiling and the floors so your homes are just as good as putting a wooded box in the middle of a field and putting your explosive charges in it. so all a wipe would do is level the playing field for a few hours until the hackers cheated their way to the top again.

The post by the ideal hosting bloke states it will be all “by PlayRust.EU” servers. Not all servers have that in the server name yet the homepage isn’t even up. This is looking like more than a wipe.

right in time for the weekend.
another example of great timing by the facepunch crew
expect little to no support for issues until monday.

fucking smart.

why not do this shit on monday or during the week when there are less players playing? Too simple, huh?