Updating my server?

Hello. So I’m a server owner using Multiplay for hosting. Their latest update after the last DDOS says the following:
We’re currently rolling out an update for Rust. It’s hoped that this will fix the issues with high CPU usage on servers.
All servers will restart to apply this update and should be completed in the next 15 minutes.
Update: This is now completed

That was 7 hours ago.
At ClanForge it says that my server’s up, but it’s not showing up in my history tab and when I try to use to console to connect it says “Incompatible version.”
So how do I update my server on my own? Do I have to contact Multiplay or is there an easier and faster way to do this myself?

Thanks in advance.

Try Restarting your Server :slight_smile:

I’ve already done that a few times. :expressionless:

You need to update your game client as well. Sign-out and exit Steam and relaunch it, it should grab the update that you need.
Also, I’m not sure what the Multiplay servers use to control the server… but with my HFB server I have to manually install the patch… There’s just a big button that says Steam Update.

Nationallist - Whats your Server IP - I will try and connect to it

I’ve already checked for Steam-updates and it says "Your Steam client is already up-to-date.
Urgh why does these things always happen to me that hates computer problem in general and knows nothing about them.

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Alright thanks.

Right click on Rust in your Steam Library, go to properties, click on the “Updates” Tab, make sure the automatic updates is on “High Priority - Always auto-update this game ASAP”, also go to the “Betas” Tab and change the selected beta from NONE to Dev, click close, if you do not see it updating, exit Steam completely and start it back up again, hopefully this should help you out.


Damnit that didn’t work. Thanks for the input though!

I’ve tried to connect to the server - Incompatible Version - Contact MPUK or see if you can reinstall/update the server?

Exit steam completely and reopen it + login

Yeah I’ve made a ticket.

Thanks for all your help people!

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I’ve done that several times. :confused:

try seeing if you can Force a update - Look around the Clan Forge - may be a Update/Mod you need to install ?