Updating my TTT server?

Hello, I’m wondering how I can update my TTT server.
On the last Gmod update it didn’t need updating, so could someone tell me how I update it.

I know this is probably going to be really easy, I’m new to server managing though.
Also this is a Dedi server, and I edit the files though a FTP.

EDIT: Also, this may be the wrong section, but I’ve got no idea where it would be better.

Update it the same way you “downloaded” it, with hlsupdatetool.

You’ll probably get more support here :stuck_out_tongue:

Help and Support

The description of that category says “If you’re having problems PLAYING GMod then this is the place for you.” so I didn’t post it there.

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Also, I’m guessing I just put the hldsupdatetool in /orangebox and run it?

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Also, this is a server that I can only access through a FTP. So I can’t run the HLDSsupdatetool.

Then why not contact the business who runs the server.

You should have been given access to some sort of gamepanel, TCAdmin, etc. It would have an update feature in it.

Well on my dedicated server there’s an option that says “Steam Update”. That’s how I updated my server.