Updating old GMOD12 gamemodes, For free(With limitations)

Well I’ve noticed seen alot of people ask for older gamemodes, Seemingly disappeared and/or became limited to 1-3 servers if your lucky. I’d like to change this.
I’m definitely no Banana Lord(Yes, That was a compliment). But I’m going to try and bring some of these back to the public. If you feel like helping just contact me some way.
Some of the code that’s been updated could be a little sloppy, If you got a problem with the way I set something up. Fix it and push a commit.

My terms, Well all gamemodes need to be released to the public.

So post a gamemode you think should be at least attempted to be updated.

UnderDone: https://github.com/Odic-Force/underdone - 70%
GMStranded: https://github.com/Odic-Force/GMStranded - 30%

Not Started:
Onslaught: Evolved

What I will not attempt to update:
No RPs. I’m not dissing them I would just rather stay far from them - This includes PERP, Stop contacting me asking me to update your perp.

I probably will get some bad ratings and/or negative posts for this, But I kind of miss when the server list wasn’t full of RP. Not like this thread will change much though :stuck_out_tongue:

Props to you for working on underdone, I’ve been wanting to host a server for that gamemode for a while now, infact I even tried fixing it, got as far as about the UI and then reformatted my PC.

I am helping with this project so :stuck_out_tongue: so don’t leave me out.

Would you be able to update this?

I would actually prefer to not update any darkrp edits, I was hoping for more of those nice old unique gamemodes.

Tiramisu 2 is the only thing I can suggest, but I wouldn’t exactly call it old.

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That’s the github, in case you are interested!

That is the unofficial github for the community’s WIP fix.

As Nightmare said. As far as I can see thats being worked on as we speak to work with gmod13

Cider? http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=61469

Just wait for it to be released with Clockwork.

Possibly Stranded?http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=75590

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I’d Love To See That Come Back!

Good request! I thought all I was going to get is RP. I’ll look in to it.

k, Thanks Btw, Can I Add You On Steam?

Go ahead http://steamcommunity.com/id/netsurfers/

Could you maybe try and update Prop Hunt?
I actually liked that gamemode and i would like to see it in Gmod 13
Is gmod 12 original thread.

I am pretty much done with underdone, Theres still that missing player problem. I cant find that out, Anyone wanna take a look? Aint got a clue whats causing it.

https://github.com/RGaming/Basewars13 I’ll love you to for you to do that for me bro.

It’s from before GMod 12 apparently, but it would be cool if you could update Murder (http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1238684). It seemed like an interesting gamemode.


I can look at it, Cant promise i’ll work on it. Last time didnt go so well, The one reason I am always on a LAN server.

It says unfinished, Any idea how broke it actually is?