Updating on a dedicated server

Now that I’ve moved away from GSPs and am hosting on my own Server 2012 servers, how do I update the Rust app server side? Is it as simple as running the install command again?

app_update 258550 -beta experimental validate

… or is there more to it?

Also, if you’re fed up with downtime / slow responses from your GSP, and/or you have more than 3 servers, it pays to jump to your own server. Pick up a discounted E3-1230 (roughly equivalent to a modern i7) and go for the gold. You can even use a Windows VPS ($30 - $50 / mo) with at least 4 GB and be fine.

Yup - I waited until my server got down to zero players and made a guinea pig out of myself. The following command will update your Rust experimental / main server. Just make sure the server is safely stopped first.

steamcmd.exe +login anonymous +force_install_dir C:\path_to_rust\ +app_update 258550 -beta experimental validate +quit

Just replace “path_to_rust” with your rust install location (for example, \steamcmd\rust_server).

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Even better: add -autoupdate to the end of your command line, and it will automatically safely shutdown and update. I’d recommend using a batch or script to automatically re-launch upon exit.