Updating TTT

We’re interested in updating our TTT server to the latest version, but the problem is, we’ve made changes to some files and we can’t quite remember them off-hand. Is it possible to get a zip file containing the changes, but only on files that were changed since 2013-7-28? This might make it easier to check what’s changed so we can tell.

If this isn’t possible, it’s always possible to just get a local server, copy over the server contents, and see what happens when we replace it, but that’s undesirable and much more time consuming.

Just about every file was changed, Usermessages were changed to Net messages was the main update. So anything you have that used umsg’s wont work unless you switch them to net msg’s

In that case, we’ll just go ahead and back up the terrortown folder and update it, replacing and all, and then seeing how it impacts the server and what needs to be fixed afterward.

Thanks, anyhow.

I updated from that same exact version. I manually went through the files using www.diffnow.com. You’ll know what is custom code when you see it, anything. Anything changed to say net instead of umsg or just um is new, not custom. My custom messages were fixed by simply changing everywhere where it say umsg to net. Hope that helps.