updating with svn

I was wondering, when you update with svn, do you need to delete the folder in you addons of the things you are updating?

Example: I want to update phx 3, do i need to delete it in my addons and export again?


If you’ve checked out to another folder than addons? I don’t think so, but it wouldn’t hurt to do it.


What I usually do is, I update the svn folder. If I notice any files have been deleted from the SVN, I delete the folder from my addons folder and re-export.
But if all the update did was update files or add files, then no deletion is needed. Just Export on top of the one that is already there, and overwrite it.

Look at it this way: Export = Copy. When you export, TSVN Copies the folder for you, and filters out the invisible files that slow down Gmod. You know how copying works? It overwrites updated files and adds files that aren’t in the original folder. But Copying doesn’t delete files.

Hope that helped.