Upgradable Money Printers


Lock thread.

You need to set self.MPLevel = 2 to proper numbers, you keep setting it to 2 in each one…

Learning Lua should help.

Exactly what Ruzza said, you’re just resetting it to 2. lol

You would think even if you didnt know Lua, just looking at that would throw an error in your brain

btw, does he needs to re-set the printer model, the pos and everything else every time he makes it another level?

He shouldnt have to

I realized how much of a retard I was, I should have looked at it closely but no, I have to rush everything!

Thanks for the help guys, lock thread.

No problem, good luck.

If you change the model of a scripted entity make sure you run the Physics Init otherwise it will have outdated physics boxes.

If you set it in the entity.