Upgrade able Moneyprinter [DarkRP]

HEllo guys,

i need help im wathing for a script to upgrade moneyprinters to level 2 and 3 the moneyprinter have to drop more money each level.
the weapon to upgrade a Moneyprinter cut be a wrench from team fotress.

Thanks in Advanced

Fixed except for that one word, the “wathing” unsure about it.

I think it was waiting

[lua] function ENT:CreateMoneybag()
if not ValidEntity(self) then return end
if self:IsOnFire() then return end
local MoneyPos = self:GetPos()

if math.random(1, 22) == 3 then self:BurstIntoFlames() end

local level = 1
local moneycount = 0
local amount = GetConVarNumber("mprintamount")
if amount == 0 then
    amount = 250


local amount2 = amount * level
if moneycount == 10 then
level + 1


if moneycount == 25 then
level + 1


if moneycount == 50 then
level + 1


DarkRPCreateMoneyBag(Vector(MoneyPos.x + 15, MoneyPos.y, MoneyPos.z + 15), amount2)
self.sparking = false
timer.Simple(math.random(100, 350), PrintMore, self)
moneycount + 1



Probably won’t work for whatever reason, but try it anyway, place it in entities/money_printer/init.lua from line 70(function ENT:CreateMoneybag()) to 85(end) is what you should highlight and replace with the code above

P.S: I believe it is “wanting”

Yeah, I thought it was wanting to, then I changed it to want, and etc.