Upgrade Ideas for my Server

I have an IBM xSeries 306 Server Bracket. (Yes, it IS that loud xD)
Any ways, With around $30.00 dollars in the pot, and more coming via donations, I wanted to know what a good idea for an upgrade would be.
Here are it’s current specs:

OS: Windows XP Professional 32-Bit SP3 (Can upgrade to 64-bit if needed, and it’s visuals are as low as possible to preserve system resources)
CPU: Intel Pentium 4 (1 core, 2 thread. Also, it’s running 3.00 GHz and is a Socket 478 mPGA)
RAM: 4 Slots, and 4 Used. It is DDR. 2 GB Single-Channel memory running at 133MHz {2.5-3-3-6} (I heard that RAM is fairly unnecessary as long as it’s low tick-rate and not much is going on. This has seemed to be proven true as of now)
Motherboard: IBM M71IX (WMT478/NWD)
GPU: Integrated. Duh.
Storage: 465GB Toshiba DT01ACA050

So my big concern is the RAM/CPU. But I figured buying a SSD would also help. I wanted to know a few good upgrades under $100.00 each that I could buy to make my server run better. Try to keep it VERY budget if you can, like under $50.00 a part, and in what order I should be buying them. I think a RAM upgrade would be in due, since I wanted to host not only a 32 Slot DarkRP server (Which, at a peak of 15 players, doesn’t even use a quarter of it’s available resources) but also another Gmod Server and/or a teamspeak server. So what do you guys recommend? Thanks for the help!

Sincerely, NiZ

I tried hosting a development server on a pentium 4 clocked at 3.40ghz and it would choke with a miniscule amount of physics on the server. you’re probably not going to get much out of this.

Your RAM is fine as long as you’re just running the server, probably.

So any suggestions on a CPU upgrade? And along with that, one under $50.00 by chance?

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I’ve been super afraid of RAM and CPU limitations. I needed to get a 32 slot DarkRP server going and also a TS server. I want to host both. Keep in mind, the DarkRP server uses little to no physics and it also is on a tickrate of 16… so I don’t think lag on the CPU side will be an issue. But as stated above, I want to add more. TeamSpeak server with 64 or 32 slots, and then of corse, that amazing Murder server with maybe 8 or 12 slots :stuck_out_tongue:

Can’t really do too much without a new motherboard.

You could probably make a pretty decent server for under $200.

Depends on whether you want Intel or AMD, though. I have a little home server running an fx8320 and it’s pretty powerful and it was pretty cheap.

So i’d need to buy a new Motherboard? Why? Can’t the one I have now support any upgrades?

Not any from the last decade.

Okay. Any Motherboard suggestions? I mean… this server is priced pretty high still. It seems to be able to handle things just fine. What is your optimal server suggestions for the following:
32 Slot (16 Tick) DarkRP server
32 Slot TeamSpeak Server
12 Slot Murder Server (Optional)

All on the same box?

I’ve noticed a few things with the server.

  1. It CAN handle 32 players on at once, but not with many props. Also, movement would be a bit wonky.
  2. It isn’t using anything more then the 1 thread, while the other one has about 1.75 or 2 GHz left over sitting there. (Meaning the TS server could be hosted with a small RAM upgrade)
  3. It IS enough to host a 32 slot server, however, the 3.0 GHz is JUST under what it needs, so upgrading to a dual or even quad core server-tier processor that has 3.5 would solve it, along with the RAM upgrade to be able to host a TeamSpeak server and maybe a MC server Also (Only like… 16 or 20 slot one)

I’ve pinpointed this as your processor.
You might have trouble upgrading the RAM, though. It only supports up to 4GB and it’s very picky. DDR PC2700 ECC SDRAM DIMMs or PC3200 CL3 ECC DDR DDR UDIMM memory.
IBM has a page for it but it lengthy as fuck.
The chipset only supports really old pentium 4 processors. The best one you can get which isn’t going to be much faster, is a 3.4ghz variant. Also interesting that the only ones being sold right now on ebay are confidential engineering samples.
But you’re seriously probably better off getting an lga 1150 motherboard and a pentium g3258 and overclocking it to 4.4ghz.
Best processor you can get for your board on ebay right now at $120 and One you can buy at most places right now for $70

For the price of a better processor for your current motherboard you could buy a new cpu that’s way faster and a new motherboard all for the same price. RAM not included.

So for ~$150 dollars, do you think I would be able to get a new motherboard for the server with a decent processor and upgrade RAM later?

Provided the power supply your case has supports modern standards, you can get that Pentium G3258 CPU with a new motherboard and 8GB of memory for $157.


Amazing. Thanks!

Those are very good and work well together, however if you want to future proof yourself much better, get a motherboard with either a z87/z97 chipset to take advantage of the g3258’s overclocking ability. Also get a single stick of 8 instead of 2x4. If you ever want to upgrade the cpu and processor 6 years or so from now, you’ll be able to support the best socket 1150 cpu (i7 4790k) and overclock it and to upgrade to 16gb of ram, you’ll only have to buy 1 stick of 8 instead of getting rid of the 2x4 and having to buy 2x16. If you still want to keep with a regular motherboard like that, I recommend getting the highest clocked socket 1150 pentium as there’s no reason to get a g3258 if you’re not going to overclock it.

ark.intel crashed so I can’t recommend which one would be best right now.

I am building a new server and will make a seperate post for that. Thanks for the help :3