Upgraded Blacklight: Tango Down Models

So I actually made these a while ago, but I was gonna port the 9mm pistol to go with them and never did. Consider this a small gift to keep you sane until I finish the BLR dudes.

What this contains:

The original Blacklight’s “Fox” (Blacklight) and Order models, ported by No5_Sniper, compressed from 3 models per variant to four models, Fox Recon, Fox Soldier, Order Recon and Order Soldier, with bodygroups for gear.

Additionally, I replaced the pistols in the holsters with the 1st person view model for the 9mm pistol, and each model has 8 skingroups for different camos or colours.



Download here.
Pistol texture fix.

Have fun!


Did you all catch the part about HD PISTOLS?!?!!??!


Wicked sick.

They look great, but the pistol texture is missing for me

Yes. Have another winner!

Sweet. Nice job, Taggart!

Same here. The pistol in the holster has missing textures.

Ballin’ out of control as usual, Taggart. Great work.

The VMTs are looking for a file in a folder labeled “bltd/pmc” which doesn’t exist. So pistol is brokeded.

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I don’t seem to have the Order soldier, unless I missed it

Fuck yes! :dance:

Pistol is now fixed, woops.

Pistol texture fix.

Bitchin’ awesome. Thanks Taggart.

Awesome work!

Nice work, camo addition is especially nice!

Once I made my order soldiers reskin. But they wasn’t so cool as them.

How do I import them on Maya?? :frowning:

Check the last post date before you post next time, this thread is from may, also you should probably just be able to decompile them into .smds with studiocompiler and then download some plugins for maya so you can import smds I’m sure a couple exist.