Upgraded ODST wanted.

Could someone please edit this ODST trooper ( http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=42140 ) so it looks like this?

I don’t know if this is actually possible, but if it is, could you?

can we have this odst exactly also.the ones i have seen have bright blue visors

This is one from halo 3 odst. That probably doesn’t explain much, though.

To be super correct it is Halo: Recon’s ODST

No, Its “Halo 3: ODST” they changed the name a while ago. So yeah you won’t be getting an ODST like that for a long time unless someone wants to go in and model one that looks like it.

Well, can someone make it?

No it’s halo 3 recons :slight_smile:

I <3 ODST, my favorite armor permutation in-game. Someone do this or I’ll have my guys do it, although it won’t be the same colors. White+Dark Silver looks epic.

Make this version, it’ll be better because it’s actually from the game. Make a reskin with your colors.

And I don’t mean the permutation, i mean like an actual ODST trooper.

it’s on the xbox 3860 can’t port.

i know that, can someone make one from scratch or upgrade the old one?

i remember this thing is was fucking awesome, i always wanted a properly done model

There is an xbox 3860?

LOL, I say you typed fail!

Dude that guy looks like a mix between a black master chief and a Gears uniform…

:facepalm: There is a version of it from Halo 2 when you first land on the second Ring. it looks pretty much the same as the ODST in that picture. you could port that one.

And now the question is, will it be ported…

Right when I get a 360, it becomes obsolete. :0

wow i want a xbox 3860…

You fools i have an xbox 3960!