.upk importer for 3dsmax/other?

Is there currently a .upk importer for 3dsmax or any other 3d application?

nope, it’s a forever changing format. plus there has never ever been a ukx plug, ever

Alright, I was going to try and get Mirrors edge models in 3dsmax without the use of 3dripper shit.

Isn’t .upk stand for Unreal Package, or Unreal Pak?

Can you open the pak’s in the editor?

yup you can… but the editor does not have an option to export anything outside of the program. jadire mentions having to use 3dripper to get models. I’m assuming he was looking for a way to get a direct import into 3dmax with the skeleton and rig. which isn’t possible

I thought .upks were lumps of objects and data - of course, you’ll have to wait until the Unreal Package Tool is updated, which will probably be never.

Could swear I saw it somewhere that it’s being worked on… could be wrong though.

Sorry for bump, but is there any .upk extractors, so I could start porting shit from APB.
This thread was made 1 year ago, so I think there may be new tools which can modify .upk’s content.

I found a .upk extractor on google at one point, but it was half arsed and only extracted sounds. And even then it would have a fight with you and only grab half of them…

Ever heard of uModel? :D.

It supports only Unreal Engine games.

And .upk is the unreal engine package format.
That’s why it’s Unreal PacKage.

Can’t you just get the OBJ from unreal edit? Works on most unreal based games.

Hmm, I’ll try the UDK (Unreal Developer Kit) and see if I can do something with it.

Dude, use umodel, that can export any package files from any unreal engine games.

Getting errors whenever I try to export with UModel.

Same, some of them work fine but others just spert out so many errors and nothing about dumping any meshes, textures or animations

Not all packages contain models and textures. That’s why you gotta find the ones that do and export those.