Upload Problems Need To Be Addressed

Don’t bother saying it’s just me. I’ve gone though 3 topics relating to it in the past week. When I try to upload a large file it simply goes to a(firefox example) connection reset page. With IE it goes to an error page. And in other browsers it goes to a variety of other error pages. I’ve tried this on my laptop and desktop. On my internet, my mobile internet and my parents internet. None have worked. Is this problem being addressed because it obviously isn’t a small group of people who experience it. I know for a fact siminov has this problem, so does brerben along with other people.

EDIT: I’ll just go to filefront. Will I be banned for uploading a file with say… an empty text file named dummy.lua in a .zip file?


Do you know(wow that’s silly to ask you) the exact file size limit on the site?

Curious, does this error end up with the file being uploaded, but being stuck on the this file is being mirrored phase?

I would scream with joy If I got to the bloody mirror phase. No I get a beautiful connection to the server was reset page. Even on my friends fiberoptic connection(100mbps+error=sites fault)

When I run µTorrent every page that has this kind of uploading gives this error.

Router + µTorrent related.

I don’t use routers because most limit your transfer to 64mbps where as my ethernete cable can go to 384mbps

Internet so fast your connection is just unstable? packet loss blabla?

Well even fiberoptics doesn’t offer 384mbps to consumers. But when it comes to transfering data from one HDD to another ethernet is the way to go.

Yes, I do have this problem.

Any file over 100mb will not work, tried for months and had to resort to filefront for now, even though I prefer Garrysmod.org

It will start to upload and time out 30mins or so into it.

Oh that’s great. Because the file I want to upload is 102.4mb. Greaaattt. Of course in .rar its 92mb and .72 its 84mb but we aren’t allowed to use those.

Shit, a file is only 47.4mb and the site still gives me internal error…

What file

A zip? And I just uploaded a .txt file with the link to mediafire. Gmod.org aint work for me no more.

You will be banned.

Furry Atom didn’t… what? Gmod.org isn’t working and there is nothing that says I will get banned for posting a link to MY pack.

I managed to get my gm_adventurers file successfully uploaded after I reduced the (zipped) size to 49.9 megabytes and used Internet Explorer

take note, the original file size was 90 megabytes zipped. it sucked because i had to make a lot of textures and sounds less quality to reduce the size

Um. Yours was just a link. Mine contained a .lua file but also had a link. Fly under the radar man.