Upload Size

I fixed a bug in the new server that meant the file size upload was limited to about 10mb. It’s back to normal now - so have fun!



Awesome !

Still failing for me. What is the actual LIMIT. Trying to upload 2 things one is 160MB(car and model pack) the other is 246MB(map and small addon that goes with it).

Ye, Me too it gets to 89% then fails, maybe I said awesome too early :frowning:

Is there still a problem?

yeah now when i try to upload it gives me an error 500 page.

Times out still. I really hope this gets fixed. So I can stop the barrage of posts about why isn’t it on gawwysmawd.oarg and how 60% of FP cannot do a simple SVN checkout.

Don’t upload it to garrysmod.org, then only the smart ones can play your map :v:

Thank you Garry now i can upload a file that was large so it didn’t upload it

Sorry to bump this, but this is still broken…

Garry there is a new svn file that was uploaded to garrysmod.org it is
http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=106211 please remove it.



Looks like Garry disagreed with you there

Not any more XD