Upload Warning

I have never uploaded anything to gmod.com so I just decided to try posting an Adv Dupe of a spacebuild ship. I clicked Upload and this Big warning sign loaded saying you will be banned if you upload stuff you did not make including wiremod and advance duplicator. Then right below that is slightly less menacing font it says you will also be banned if you try to upload Backgrounds, menu music, and Advanced Duplications or if the upload is not in zip format.

It sounds like any thing I make in game using wiremod and dupeing it will get me banned if i try to share it with everyone, BUT looking through gmod.com at least 70% of the stuff on here are adv Dupe files. So how the heck is everyone posting different things and living to tell the tail?

Does it just mean the Adv Dupe and Wiremod addons themselves are not allowed to be posted here and that and Dupes of things you make just need to be in a zip file?

People have been getting banned, just look at all the gratuitous bitching in this section from being incapable of reading the sign.

There is third-party community made websites though you can use to upload though.

So everything having absolutely anything to do with Adv Dupe being uploaded to gmod is now bannable?

Take this one fore example: http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=113312

Its the Destiny
Its amazing
Its a Dupe

It will get him banned?

Yes, every dupe gets you perma banned now.

Garry did a terrible job of introducing the rule though. Many people got banned right when the rule was introduced (like myself), for uploading a dupe without noticing the subscript having been added to the rule message. He should have made it more clear the rules were changed, or not perma-banning on first offense. A lot of people got banned during that rule transition phase :frowning:

Any idea why is was changed to be that way? What else is there to gmod.com other than people sharing what they have made for the game?

Also, what are some of these third-party community made sites?

Maps, scripts, models.

why are adv dupes not allowed to be uploaded anyway?

Something to do with you not actually making them. You are taking their stuff and rearranging it. It does not really mater if it is good or not it is the fact you did not really make it.
Their is an endless amount of rubbish that gets thrown onto the site that nobody wants.

I still want to know why garry bans adv. dupes on gmod.org, then makes toybox saves that we can just run a command to re-upload.

Edit: And if that doesn’t work, adv. dupe then paste in a different map and upload

I learnt most of my building skills from dissecting other peoples dupes. Although a large ammt where rubbish, there was still some good stuff on there. I know its garry’s site to do whatever with, just wondering the reason.