Uploaded gmod videos have poor quality

I’ve recently started making stop-motion videos using gmod. I bring the screenshots into Windows Movie Maker and make a sound file in Audacity, syncing it as I go. I upload the final product to YouTube and the default quality looks horrible (even though it looked fine when viewing it in Windows Movie Maker) and it must be set to HD in order for it to look decent.

Additionally, when I sent the file to somebody for a gmod collab, the received file was in low quality, while the parts submitted by other people were fine.

I’ve tried changing the file type before uploading it, and I’ve tried multiple uploading methods. Nothing seems to work. I’m sure that the video must have the POSSIBILITY to be uploaded in good quality since it can be viewed in high quality by changing it to HD, but I’d prefer for the default quality to be good.

Is this a problem with Windows Movie Maker,or am I doing something wrong?

Windows Movie Maker has always raped quality. Though you should be able to have a viewable piece of video. YouTube might take a bite too but it shouldn’t be that big. I’m using Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 9 and it’s a good while ago since I last used WMM.

When you export the video in WMM, try to make the filesize as big as possible by manually tweaking it in the export menu. That should give quite a better quality. Tough if you want to make more proper videos, buy a copy of Sony Vegas.

If you’re using WMM, you have to go through a menu to make it upload in HD

Easier said than done with how expensive that program is. Thanks for the reply.