uploading a map with custom particles, soundscapes etc.

I was wondering, how do I upload these extras?

they aren’t supported in the workshop tool at all. I also can’t seem to pak them properly in VIDE.

what I need to know is how to upload:

particle files (pcf and particle manifest)
soundscape files (soundscape text file, and soundscape manifest)

in HL2, to get particles working, I had to put the manifest into a vpk. with Gmod, I have no idea what I need to do.
what’s more frustrating is that it’s literally the last step of the process! and the issues with VIDE can’t be edited (it places the files into an extra folder, which I can’t edit. like, “MO/scripts”)

thanks in advance for any reply!

Did you try another packer?

I have, and I just finished uploading a test version.

it worked, but the particles do not. the particles do not show up, with the error that it’s trying to make an unknown particle.
how do I fix this?

In lua/autorun you’ll need a lua file named whatever you want, and inside it should look like this:


That will cache your particle effect instead of the particle manifest.

Thanks! this did it! ^^
really wish particles were more documented!

Hey I am having this same problem with adding soundscapes to my map. I have tried packing it several different ways with pakrat-Maybe I am messing up the directory. Any help would be appreciated. A map isnt much without a soundscape…