Uploading Garry's Mod to YouTube

How do you upload Garry’s Mod to Youtube? I mean like, I record it on Gmod by going into the console and typing record and I save it and stuff. When I go on youtube to upload, I can’t upload it because it’s a .dem file. Is there another way to record it? I know of desktop recorders, but all I know is Fraps and Unregistered Hypercam but that would make the video lag. I need something that records it, able too upload to youtube, and runs smoothly on Gmod and not make it lag.

Any help here?

I’d give you a link to a tut but at the moment I’m a bit busy. However, if you just google “recording with the source recorder” with some sort of extension to it like; avi,mp4,or wmv. Then I’m sure you’ll be able to get what your looking for. See, that .dem file is the demo but you have to record it to a “movie” file thats playable.

zd soft game recorder records gmod with no lag



It will show you how to automatically make the file into a .avi