Uploading models onto a server?

Hi, how do I upload models onto a server?

I have a server, but I don’t upload the files to the server on my laptop, but another one does it.

When a add on is uploaded, it works but the model is just a ERROR, so how do I get the models to work when I upload it.

Some models like guns work, mad cows shipment worked too, but can’t pick up or use the guns it spawns sadly, some add ons work, some don’t.

No one?

It’s just the server. Install the addons/weapons clientside to.

You need to use a piece of software called “FTP software”.

  1. Download and install this free programme - http://www.coreftp.com/download.html
  2. Get your server FTP i.p address, then login to your server’s folders with the same information as your Server control panel.
  3. upload what you want, the same way as single player :smiley:


Oh crap, wrong advice :S

Ok to get those weapons and spawns etc… working you need to ensure you have CounterStrike Source content installed on your server, this usually fixes everything :smiley: