Uploading SVN addons to a server..?

Hi, I’m kind of clueless about this. How am I supposed to get SVN addons working on a linux server? Can’t do a simple SVN checkout using a FTP client or something and simple uploading my SVN folders into the servers addons folder doesn’t make them appear ingame…

If you don’t have access to SSH, you’ll need to download these addons to your computer first, and then upload them to the server using FTP. If you do, however, have SSH access, you can install a SVN client and svn download it directly. In either case, I wouldn’t recommend using SVN, most of addons already have git distribution or direct download available.

Yeah well, problem is, if I use the direct download on ACF and take the master-branch, which has the lua files for damage permission, I don’t have the permission modes etc. but ACF is up to date.

But if I replace the lua folder from the master-branch with the one from the damageprotect branch, I have the modes but it says “ACF is out of date”

What you have to do is locally checkout the SVN Repo. Once you did that, right click that folder and select “Export”. Select the folder you want to export it to and upload the exported folder to your SVN. If you don’t export and just upload the SVN folder then you will have twice the amount of files.

Thanks, took a note of that… Well, generally I don’t use SVN that much at all, besides installing stuff locally.