Uploading thing(ADV.DUPE)

There is this thing that you get banned if you upload adv dupes on gmod.org .But why don’t they go ahead and delete such things as DC? I thought the answer was “popularity”, but i saw a bad 14-DL advdupe with kleiner with a :zoid: you know what. I want to ask,can i still upload adv dupes that don’t involve alot of pointless props?

[http://www.facepunch.com/threads/1096722-People-are-still-uploading-Adv-Dupes-to-the-site. is not the exact same thing, but its a lot like this thread

No dupes. Period. Doesn’t matter how good it is, or how shitty it is. No dupes.

I don’t understand if your not allowed to upload dupes why have the category in the first place and Ive also seen alot of dupes on www.garrysmod.org and yet they have not been banned.

It’s not a category, but a popular tag which people can add themselves.
That said there are still giant loads of Adv. dupes from before they were banned and as it is the simplest thing to create there’s probably almost more of them than anything else. People still try to upload them though, most of the time get banned for it.

If you upload E2’s without needed components people are too stupid to wire them right.

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Can i upload e2’s though?

E2’s would still need Adv. Dupe if I’m correct.

Correct me if I’m wrong

Not necessary :wink: You can upload the E2 file from your garrysmod\data\Expression2 folder. But I’m not sure if it’s allowed, since it’s still a text file.

Well if it’s a text file it isn’t allowed I believe.

wow adv dupes are illegal now?

i remember checking this site before buying the game and i believe they were ok, why are they illegal?

what is that adv. at the beginning mean anyway?

They’re not illegal, they’re against the rules because they’re basically useless.

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Advanced Duplicator I believe.

I don’t think you will get banned for uploading worthwhile adv dupes. The main issue is all the little kids posting their couches with wheel tool wheels, or the ten thousandth flyable harrier jet.

illegal, agaisnt the rules, same thing, you know what i mean

also i dont know, SOME of them look kind of cool, why are they useless?

I think it’s a little more helpful than the regular duplicator, so why are they against the rules? it helped me when I clicked on it in toybox, I think it’s just stupid to get to pent up about it