Uploading Workshop Item

Im trying to upload a SWep I made. Ive done this before but for some reason today its saying shared.lua is not a whitelisted file. Please help.

What are you using to upload? The console based uploader, workshopper, or a custom uploader?

Assuming you’re using the command-line method, read both these posts.
You first need to create the .gma file with gmad, then upload it with gmpublish.
If you need more support, there are quite a few posts in their respective threads.
If you are using a different uploader, I can’t really help you.

Im using the command line. I wish I could find the other ones. Anyway, the point is im trying to make a .gma file. Its not working.

I personally use GMPU, you should give it a try.

Is it safe.

Excuse me, it appears I really didn’t read.
You said one of your lua files isn’t allowed by the whitelist.
Make sure the files are in the correct directory (for SWeps: lua/weapons/… or gamemode weapons directory, etc.), other than that try reading the GMad thread.

Like i say, ive done nearly the exact same path before. Having like customweapons/haxweapon/shared.lua. Ive done the same path with different weapons. For some reason it dosent like this one.

And there’s always Workshopper. Its only fault is that if you have too many workshop items uploaded, you gotta keep closing and reopening it so it’d appear on the list. There’s no scrollbar.

I don’t care what people think, switching to an easy GUI to commandprompts and other steps is backwards.

Idk the command line has always worked fine until today.

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.exes scare me. Im really scared of viruses. Lol

It’s virus free. But I’m sure someone can scan it if they want.

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Here’s some scans.
url: https://www.virustotal.com/en/url/8bbba332624fff4f7342c4a88bb1a42bd46ab969f82a277057a4e8bc5f65c1fd/analysis/1404926408/

.exe: https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/21ba6d83510c215f9d08937379686ab75bd85b9bfff4b4a69d20684e2a67fd56/analysis/1404926460/

Trojan[:HEUR]/Win32.Unknown whats this?

False positive.

I am so positive it’s not a virus, I request a permabanme clause on myself if it is.