Uploads Filled With Stolen Content

There’s a user on garrysmod.org here http://www.garrysmod.org/user/?u=75995&rnum=670654 his files all use models stolen from animators like solder11,zeej,.exe and ImBrokeRU who only have given permission to that modern warfare 2 gamemode group to use their models. Is there any way to report users using stolen content on the site? It’s becoming ridiculous! Every single one of his files uses models that he has no permission to use.

I don’t really think it matters or not.
Would you care if he stole something awesome of yours and i made if front page? You might be mad at first but then realize that people are actually enjoying both his and your work.

So just ignore it. Nobody really cares if he stole it, the community likes it.

Plus, he was the first person on the website to upload those.

Before you say HE STOLE THESE, MOFO.

He actually said in a comment that he is in the modern warfare 2 gamemode group.

Interresting how you share the same avatar as TheCake.

It’d be cool if i knew who you were talking to.

This user has stolen everything he has posted:


No Downloads


Cake will tell him to take it down if he wants to chill

The OP