Upon logging in I'm stuck and can't move.

I tried multiple servers so I’m not “stuck” or anything, the screen isn’t frozen because i can Mouselook. But I can’t use my WASD or TAB or press T to type.

I can press my action bar, eat food and switch to my weapons.

I can open console (F1) and enter commands. I just can’t move around.

Have you tried switching between normall version, to dev or the other way?

Where is that option?

Also, upon further testing I can interact with my environment (open/close nearby door, and interacting with the wooden boxes near me). I just can’t move.

EDIT: Actually something strange happened. It seems my config file was deleted and all my keybinds were blank. I’ve deleted the file so it could replace itself and now everything works.

Press F1, write “suicide” if youre stuck. Run the heck back and fetch your stuff :).

I know I am late, but I had the same issue after switching from development branch to the old branch and wanted to share my “fix” .

Suiciding didnt help, rebooting didnt help, removing local game data didnt help, verifing game cache integrity didnt help. etc. etc.

Turns out I had to remove the local game data, AND manually remove the entire folder " C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\Common\Rust"

After you’ve removed that, you’ll notice that this time, the Rust download is a lot bigger. Redownload the game and voila! Works :slight_smile:
Probably the same fix as rebuilding the keybinding data, just more rigourous :stuck_out_tongue:

Or just reinstall windows… lol

You only needed to delete the config file, mate.

Thanks captain hindsight!

Before trying out the experimental build a few hours ago, I made a backup of Rust, then when returning, deleted the rust game from Steam and restored the previous backup of Rust, takes less than 1min to restore. Faster then downloading.

Same thing happen to me, what I figured out was it deleted all my key binds, even the default ones. I just had to re-bind them and it fixed it. This only happens sometimes when I try out the dev and experimental versions.