Uprise Against 420Bluntz

Hello, My name is Joey. Aka, Pelnasaurus. And I for one am getting a little pissed that I have to smoke weed to be in a clan. So as you can see from the title, I am creating a clan to cause an uprising against 420Bluntz.

Registration form can be emailed to Joey.Pelnar@Hotmail.Com or commented below. (Emails with be dealt with faster)

  1. Can you follow orders from anyone with higher authority?
  2. Will you gather TEAM resources? ( Yes you can keep some for youself as well )
  3. What is your PvP skill?
  4. What do you already have on the server US Central 4 (Stress Test)
  5. If you are not on US Central 4 (Stress Test) Are you willing to transfer?
  6. Do you have Skype? Or a mic. to talk in-game.
  7. How many hours have you played?
    8.Is your main goal to DESTROY 420Bluntz?
  8. Steam ID
  9. Age
  10. Location

Might consider an alternate email account.

This almost makes me want to join them because of your stupid ass. Like really? You didn’t get in, so as revenge, you are going to make a clan to take them over? That’s is so unbelievably childish.

I would rather not have to smoke weed to get in a clan.