Uprise Against 420Bluntz

Hello, My name is Joey. Aka, Pelnasaurus. And I for one am getting a little pissed that I have to smoke weed to be in a clan. So as you can see from the title, I am creating a clan to cause an uprising against 420Bluntz.

Registration form can be emailed to Joey.Pelnar@Hotmail.Com or commented below. (Emails with be dealt with faster)

  1. Can you follow orders from anyone with higher authority?
  2. Will you gather TEAM resources? ( Yes you can keep some for youself as well )
  3. What is your PvP skill?
  4. What do you already have on the server US Central 4 (Stress Test)
  5. If you are not on US Central 4 (Stress Test) Are you willing to transfer?
  6. Do you have Skype? Or a mic. to talk in-game.
  7. How many hours have you played?
    8.Is your main goal to DESTROY 420Bluntz?
  8. Steam ID
  9. Age
  10. Location

(User was banned for this post ("remaking dumb locked thread" - postal))