only in-game stuff in this picture

Use another image hoster.


that was actually the first time i’ve uploaded anything there :v:

use imgur

uploaded it to imgur now

The posing on the guy with the rocket launcher is off and the effects could use some work but everything else is cool.

Meanwhile in Syria.


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Changed the RL guy’s pose.

I can only think of Freemans Mind when I hear that music now.

Good picture though.

Holy sheit. I really liked that music.

Fits the picture damn well!!

I salute you.


I don’t think Syria has aliens.
Otherwise, they’d have killed them rebels by now.

Probably it is aliens have Syria.

I don’t know.

Weird purple lazors,but I like the concept of the whole scene.

i meant to make them blue like in the leaked version of Half Life 2, accidentally made them purple lol