Testing a concept.

Inspired by this song:



I had one more that involved a baseball bat but I still need to work that one out a little more :stuck_out_tongue:

Comment/Criticise away!

I dont like the contrast but thats just me.
Posing is really nice, strong noise seems to fit well, angles are good and the first pic has a nice idea.

Second one is generic but pretty well executed :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, these are amazing. The first really reminds me of assassin’s creed. I really really like these. Please do more. And if you want, I am in possession of a bunch of new rebels with new faces you can use for more variety.

Well, I have some older FakeFactory skins (before he decided to really fuck up the models) which I use for the variety but the more the merrier!

I’d be happy to check out these new rebels of yours.

These are really awesome.

Looks awesome

Song doesn’t fit to me, but thats just me.

That CP’s eyes look…beady.

Exactly what popped into my brain when I saw it too. Really good pic. First is better then the second but there both very well done!

I can play this song… i like the pose’s too.


Only thing I got to say is make the combine without the helmet look at the guy with the machete or whatever he’s holding. Because I know if I were in his position I’d be looking at the weapon going “Oh fuck oh fuck. I should have waited in line. Fuck.”

Specific lyrics in the song are what inspired me for the picture.

I think so too. Most of the effort was put into the first one, the second one was a last minute idea I had to go along with the ‘uprising’ concept.

Thanks for the comments and crits!

Great posing and scale in the first image. Nice posing and faceposing in both images. I think you should go easy on the colour gradients though; they’re a little excessive.

Freaking awesome! :banjo:

For some reason, I don’t like these. Maybe it’s the ugly color tint. :iiam:

Also, posing is good.

great posing and cool idea!



Different tastes, different flavors I guess. :iiam:

This is good. I like the combines “I’m about to die” look on his face.