UPS - Ulysses Prop Share (v0.9)

Team Ulysses is proud to present our latest and greatest software: Ulysses Prop Share (UPS)

UPS is a prop protection system.

UPS includes features such as:
[ul][li]Real fire damage protection. People can’t light fire to your stuff using explosives.[/li][li]Friends system, saved by steamid so it carries across servers[/li][li]Don’t like hording your stuff? Individual clients can completely disable UPS on their props.[/li][li]Conversely, if you have a player that’s a complete nit-wit, you can forcefully disable UPS on his props. This is also saved so be careful![/li][li]You can also permanently disable parts of UPS (vehicle protection, use protection, etc)[/li][li]Catches the remover and hydraulic exploits.[/li][li]Powered by ULib. :)[/li][li]Uses CPPI! See[/li][li]Well documented, modular code that is easy to add to or modify. See for docs (same that’s in the source) and the map_protect.lua module for a prime module example.[/li][li]Map protection! Much more robust than current map protectors. Specifies actions allowed on each object based off whether it existed on map load or not. For example, players are allowed to do anything to a map physics entity except delete it, but they can delete it if it was spawned after map load.[/li][li]Client side HUD to tell you who owns what. This can be completely configured by the client.[/li][li]Configuration galore! You’ll have to see it to believe it.[/ul][/li]
UPS requires ULib to function.


Sweet, Will try out!

I’ve been using this on my server for a while now and it works great.

Also, great idea seting up the CPPI.

Thanks for this! SPP is great, but this has everything that I felt was missing. Keep up the great work.

screen shots don’t really do the underlying code much justice, but that’s not to say the interface isn’t eye friendly and easy to follow:

Great work as always

(I did get massive error spam in my console though (because of the bots I used to emulate players for the screen shots I suppose))

[UPS ERROR] Ownership table is not setup for a ply in onEntRemoved! Could be a bad UPS addon installed or bad initialization?   Please report this error to with information on how you got it.

** Removed incase of mingebags **

What can brown do for you?

On the serious side, this is cool, especially the list saving and the map protections. That’s certainly something I’ve never seen before.

Does it work with ASS Mod, if I delete the prop protection plugin? I like ass mods functionality, but ULX/ULIB’s command structure. and the ASS mod P.P. doesn’t work that well

Looks awesome, I’ve been waiting for a prop protection for ULib. Will there be an SVN?

I like that you’ve used the Interface - I always thought it was a good idea. Nice work.

An SVN has been up for a while now for people who want to test it and report bugs on the Ulysses forums.


I just checked and there are some differences between the SVN and the release in this thread.
I guess they haven’t updated the SVN yet.

Thanks for the pictures Suicide Bomber, I’ll put it on the front post as soon as I have some more time. :stuck_out_tongue:

Tell me more about that bug jaybuz and I’ll look into it.

I have no idea how well it works with other admin mods, though I assume it would be just fine.

Raiden posted the right SVN, it’s not updated due to lack of time at the moment. :stuck_out_tongue:

To everyone else, thanks for the input and the support!

All around excellent prop protection. Love every part of it. :smiley:

This mod is great Megiddo, I love it!

Better than any prop protection to date, you have clearly spent a lot of time making sure it’s perfect, or close to perfect, and it has features other prop protectors have yet to add.

Works well. Have found 2 bugs so far.

  1. With all protections on (none disabled clientside or admin side), a player can go up to a jeep or jalopy that isn’t his, press e and the engine sound will start playing until the owner gets in and gets out again. Doesn’t affect airboat or other vehicles.

  2. A player can circumvent the “Real fire damage protection” by getting an explosive prop, blasting it in the air with the grav gun, quickly swapping to the physgun (the barrel can’t touch the floor after grav gunning otherwise the effect doesn’t happen), picking it up and touching it near or on someones breakable prop. This is a bug in gmod itself but it’s probably fixable. For some reason when you grav gun an explosive and freeze it, for example, it can be turned into a landmine as anything that then touches it will cause it to explode.

A great addition, there’s not many working or effective prop protection scripts around these days, but I think you just took it out of the hat, good job Megiddo your scripts never let you down.

Hooray! I just don’t feel complete with another 3rd party prop protection running alongside my sexy ULX.
!god megiddo

!gimp megiddo

Those both seem like gmod bugs, but I’ll definitely look into 'em as soon as possible. Thanks for the reports, and thanks to everyone else for the positive feedback. :slight_smile:

Awesome job :stuck_out_tongue: I do have a question though. Where do you configure it? I looked in the folders and unlike ULX, there isn’t anything there to configure it. Is it all ingame?

It’s all in game, just make sure you’re an admin. :slight_smile: