Upstate Speedway

First of several map attempts/releases relating to vehicle creation and testing in Garry’s Mod. It is kind of small but I figured it’s better off released. This thread and OP will be used for any additional racetrack maps.

Road Course

The area underneath looks darker than it really is, and nothing above is rendered when working in it. I would be glad to revise and improve the map and contents.

Updated! Packed BSP.
Install by placing in Steam\steamapps\common\GarrysMod\garrysmod\maps

Video recorded by Unslinga.

Fantastic work, though for some reason, the skybox doesn’t seem to work even though I installed the materials needed.

May you post a screenshot? Is it black/pink or something else

The track is great to drive on though, it would be even better if the road was slightly wider but already pretty good.

Was missing two sides of it, anyone who already downloaded it add these to the skybox folder in garrysmod\materials\skybox

ZIP in the OP has been updated including them

This map is absolutely beautiful! Love it.

Great job, its about time someone made something like this

Jeep and jalopy for size reference; full grid

All textures are placeholder

Also, made a new video:

Beautiful map. Any hopes of putting it on workshop? I’d love to run it on my ACF server but I limit the content to that which is available on the workshop for ease of keeping things up to date.

Saw this in the map pimpage thread. Nice!

Looks somewhat like a golf area.

Maybe I should have used checker grass.

Rather old project here but I’ll finally be updating it soon. Particularly for smoothing out the roads and easing up some of the nastier corners. The underground garage is also bright enough to work in now.[/t][t][/t]

It’s lovely to see an update, I had no idea you were still working on the map Xanadu :smile:

Just wondering but when you say you’ll be smoothing out the roads do you mean you will be adding extra divisions to the displacements/meshes (I forget what it’s called in Hammer) or just making the corners less sharp? Because the former would be a boon to handling freaks like me.

Are you going to be releasing this on the Workshop when it’s finished?

Both, the roads are mesh/brushes on this track. So I’m redoing them from scratch with twice the brushes and modifying them. The map will be uploaded to the workshop, and the original one will be removed, which was uploaded by Waxx at the time because I had difficulty figuring out GMA files but know better now.

Map has been re-uploaded and will now be updated based on feedback, just like gm_susquehanna.

Old version:

Nice! Sadly I’m away from my computer for the week but I’ll definitely give this a go when I get back home.

Do you think I can get the .VMF file for this map? I really would like to edit it a little and make it like a music festival site to build a stage and shit at. I’m using this entirely for personal use and will not commercialize it or post it anywhere as I do not intend to copy your work or take credit for anything. Do you think you can send it to me? Thanks.

Better yet, in the most respectful way possible, do you think you can edit it for me because I kinda have no idea what the fuck I’m doing and I suck with Hammer and all that stuff. Message me for more info if you’re interested. I’d really appreciate it and thanks in advance.